Roland Funeral Service

Your Role Detailed

What do you need to do when a death occurs?

The first thing you need to do is to take a deep breath, let it out slowly and relax. Then call Rolands.
There is so much to do in such a short period of time, but relax, we'll help you along as loving memories are created in the process.

After you contact Roland Funeral Serviceyou may need to complete these activities:

green bullet for viewing, provide Rolands with clothing (including underclothing, socks and/or slippers if    preferred, dentures, eye glasses, jewelry, etc). In the case of cremation, whether a viewing is
   desired or not, for the purpose of dignity.

green bullet pick up a funeral packet at Rolands which includes an organizer and comprehensive planning sheet

green bullet arrange a time with Warren for going over vital statistics and obituary information with your family

green bullet provide the names of local and out of town newspapers  you would like contacted

green bullet provide the names of local and out of town radio stations you would like contacted

green bullet tell Rolands how many certified copies of the death certificate you would like ordered

green bullet review any preplanning and prefunding plans with your family and Rolands

green bullet plan and personalize the service with Rolands

green bullet decide on:

- merchandise (caskets urns, monuments , monument final date additions and/or keepsakes)

- personalized casket head panels and/or vault appliques

- scheduling visitation and services and perhaps a reception

- clergy, church or synagogue

- caterers or others providing food services

- cemetery , in the event of a casket or urn burial

- photos for a picture memorial DVD if desired by the family

- a flower committee for relocation of flowers and memorabilia following service

- how you would like your memory record/funeral service program personalized 

- whether or not you want a funeral service video DVD and/or audio created

green bullet request any life insurance benefits, if available

green bullet arrange payment to Roland Funeral Service for services

green bullet request encouragement and assistance in grief support and/or browse the Roland Funeral Home library if desired

Beginning with first notification, Roland Funeral Service will coordinate all the details with you to insure that they are carried out to your satisfaction.

Roland Funeral Service's Role