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"How personalized can a funeral service be?"

We encourage your unique inspirations.  For examples of those, we have handled caskets transported in a mule or horse-drawn hearse, pickup trucks and a horse drawn wagon; pumpkins, family arranged corn stalks and straw bale décor in our chapel; art and craft displays, including paintings, quilt, doll and tractor collections, etc.; and media input such as music, DVD designed photos and interview video footage. 

Whether you wish to set up a funeral service program or have our funeral

Coloring Book 

home staff attend to your wishes, we encourage you to feel comfortable in allowing your creativity to go with your imagination.  And, to our delight and that of families, even children respond with curiosity and joy when home surroundings and familiarities are included in tribute services. We encourage children's input too and distribute our Celebration of Life gift coloring books which include surprise service involvement ideas.  

Roland Funeral Service specializes in personalization for you and your loved ones.  For the most valuable personalization experience, we recommend preplanning.  Visit with a staff person  to learn how we can help you to create loving memorials.

Special Personalization

Video Movie 

Other services by Rolands include the following: web and news obituary listings; individualized memory records with poems/scriptures and photos; prayer cards, register books (which include family history; pictures of flowers with notes of who sent them; photos of those who attend, sing, officiate, bear the casket, gather in cemetery, join your family at your luncheon, etc.); casket   (photo  collage) head panel inserts; casket theme-based corner attachments; music selections;  picture slideshow memorial DVDs;  funeral service DVDs; funeral service audio tapes or CDs; viewing area with personal memorabilia; service programs including personal testimonials; individualized monument creations; thumbprint, urn locket and teddy bear keepsakes; and picture memorial candles.

Distinctive Personalization

In our 90 Years, Rolands has carried out the preferences of many families.  The following have created meaningful and memorable experiences: 

While we provide refreshments for visitations, some have personalized theirs by featuring their Loved One's Favorites ~  providing for the serving of coffee/tea with pound cake; milk and Grandma's cookie jar filled and overflowing with her favorite cookies; individually wrapped burgers were handed out after one funeral; and a wine and cheese memorial gathering may be fitting. 


Personalization at the Cemetery 

DISTRIBUTIONS of cards with gardenseeds to be planted for a memorial to Dad; organ donar pins and bracelets; copies of Mom's own poems or recipes;  recorded memorial interviews; and helium-filled BALLOON/BUTTERFLY RELEASES at gravesides;

We have acquaintance with a friend who makes EVERLASTING LOVE KEEPSAKES of bronze painted Face and Hand Forms.  The outcome is an awesome remembrance upon which one can see and run their fingers over the contour of their beloved, ever recapturing the features of the precious love one. 

"THUMBIES" feature the treasured Thumb Prints of all ages and Hand Prints and Foot Prints of miscarriages, stillborns, and small children who have untimingly slipped away; these may be made into dimensionally imprinted silver or gold charms which may be attached to necklace chains, rings or keychains. 

ATTENDING OF DECEASED LOVED ONES IN-STATE can be a time for  reminiscing and healthy processing of thoughts.  In days gone by it was common for folks to attend a wake for the purpose of spending quiet time for meditation and prayer before the farewell service.   In recent years, some have attended their loved ones for several hours, paying their devoted respect.  

On  separate occasions, families of both a mother and a sister were attended by their daughters and sisters who gathered to ASSIST WITH FINAL TOUCHES in the dressing and cosmetizing.  The ladies gained satisfaction from seeing to it that their loved ones' appearances were "Just like they would have wanted." 

urn personalization

At Rolands closure is highly valued and we go out of our way to help make the experiences as pleasant as possible.