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Get Acquainted With the Warren and Amy Jo Roland Family

Co-owner Warren B. Roland, son of Roland Funeral Home's original owner Burdette L. Roland, graduated from the University of Minnesota with an associate degree in Mortuary Science in 1966. Warren and hometown beautician, Amy Jo Paul, a graduate of Americana Beauty College in Des Moines, IA, were wed at The Little Brown Church in Nashua , Iowa in 1971.  

Warren and Amy have been blessed with six children.  As lobbyists, the Roland family took an active part in pioneering the revival of home education in Iowa.  In co-operation with Iowa laws and monitoring by the Atlantic public school system, they homeschooled their family from the time the eldest was eleven years old.  Their dream come true was obtaining the legal rights to school their family according to each one's  individual interests and having the advantage of taking part in public school classes and activities as desired.  While they had what they determined to be "the best of both worlds,” the Rolands maintained their friendship and support of the Atlantic Public Schools. 

Since their children have graduated, gone on to college and various careers and are enjoying growing families of their own, Amy Jo has taken an active part helping clients with their grief.

Other family members sharing in the funeral service calling are their daughter, Heidi (Roland) Hinman, who works part-time in the office,  preplanning and funeral assistance, as well as runs a private music studio; and son-in-law, Ian Barrs, funeral assistant and media specialist for Rolands'.