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"How can I create loving memories through the selection of a monument? What are my options?"

You can mix and match features from any of the monument 

In  America we honor those that we love and respect by creating memorials etched in stone or bronze. Consider the magnificance of Mount Rushmore and the Lincoln Memorial. Though our loved ones may not be as famous as Washington or Lincoln, we most likely love and honor them even more.

The selections of monuments (headstones) provide many options for creating loving memories.  Talk with Amy Jo Rolandabout the best option for you.

Having been in the funeral service since 1919, Roland Funeral Service is in a unique position to be offering dedicated help in the selection of a monument.  Amy has a heart for turning monuments of granite into loving memorials - a part our specializing in personalization.

For convenience, compassion, and experience give Amy a call today.