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"What kind of keepsakes? How do they keep my loved one's memory alive?"

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind"  How easy it is to lose the vivid memory  of something, or more sadly, someone, we love.  Memories are recalled when we have frequent and subtle reminders.  A tangible item helps us to view our loved ones through the lens of memory.

 Memorial DVD

Keepsakes can be many things . . . a lock of hair, a thumbprint impressed on a necklace charm, a personalized funeral folder, a picture memorial DVD, an urn containing a loved one's cremains or a memorial Christmas ornament, just to name a few.

When it comes to keepsakes, there are many creations to help hold our loving memories in our hearts and minds. We recommend that you talk with members of our staff about your choices.

Roland Funeral Service is in a unique position to be offering counsel regarding keepsakes because they have been creating loving memories since 1919 ~ a part of Rolands' specialization in personalization.

For convenience, compassion, and experience give our staff a call.