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Heaven For Kids

    We are thrilled for permission we received to use HEAVEN for Kids (an extraordinary

exploration of the Bible’s magnificent teachings about Heaven) excerpts and book cover

picture for publishing purposes. With questions that we in the funeral business receive

such as, “Where did Grama go?” and “Will my puppy be in Heaven?” etc, Randy Alcorn

has written delightful answers the "kid in all of us" have. This scriptural overview lends

peace of mind and the thrill of looking forward to a great reunion where there will be forever

ongoing healthy, happy "hello" adventures with no pain and goodbyes.

    Our column, HEAVEN for Kids, is dedicated to being pure and simple
in a way that allows

children and adults to use their God given imaginations to vision “Forever” in familiar ways

rather than the ethereal. In this book, Alcorn likens Bible descriptions of Heaven possibilities

to the popular C.S. Lewis’ Narnia stories and Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings adventures - with

none of the All Dogs Go to Heaven kinds of stories of boring life in Heaven, and

the loneliness of, Littlest Angel. Rather than the usual dull, frightening, children’s versions of

cupids with wings and halos, playing harps and floating on clouds or visions of floating

mechanically through mist forever, Alcorn paints enchanting pictures of the fun and

adventures of hanging out with friends, playing sports, exploring the cosmos, etc. that well

may be and even better every day of Eternity.

    As he sat by his his best friend, his mother’s bedside, Alcorn read Bible
verses about

Heaven, as she drew near to passing away. His study beautifully inspires us to move our

thinking away from the mundane of what movies and story books have done to steal from

the real article – a forever of celebrating in the new Heaven as it lights here on our renewed

Earth, complete with cities, (with the probabilities of shopping and cultural activities),

streets (in some cases, golden), bodies of water (possibilities of swimming, boating and

fishing), countryside sports (mountain climbing), mansions (cottages, cabins, and/or what-

ever might be our hearts’ desires) where The Lord will appoint us with positions of authority

while He reigns in fairness and truth ALWAYS.
   Alcorn’s book HEAVEN (for adults) has sold over a million copies and has prompted many

Bible students to examine its delights which, up to now, have not been available in most

seminaries that often teach, by far, more about hell than Heaven.  While the children’s book,

HEAVEN for Kids, is geared for eight to twelve year olds, it is excellent for all ages. Our staff

at the funeral home used it for for devotions and each of us found it to be amazingly helpful,

fun and inspiring.

    Amy Jo Roland is highlighting this quaint book in a column series for Atlantic

Telegraph, Anita Tribune and ElkHorn Danish Village Voice newspapers for the purpose

of bringing families the hope of awakening to surprising and joyous eternal perspectives

for their children as well as themselves. We have been gifting this books, in a condensed 

form, to families we serve and have stocked them for purchase and loan to interested folks

who will call in response to the columns.

    See Randy Alcorn’s website at

(Eternal Perspectives).

                           Looking forward to this opportunity of sharing,

                          Amy at Roland Funeral Home at 712-254-1266