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Grief Support

Are you or is someone you know grieving over the loss of a loved one?  Many who have taken advantage of our grief support services gained healing and are now able to reach out to comfort others.

Since grieving is a natural part of life, our goal is to help people feel more comfortable with sharing about death and hope.

At Roland Funeral Service, we care about you and your loved one regardless of whether or not we were involved in your services.  Our grief support is offered to everyone without charge, including the "Mourning to Joy" booklet that our services center on.

While mourning is a healthy expression of grief, we strive to help through steps of growth that take place during adjustments that follow a death.  It is our observation that as we progress through grief, it is best to seek support of those who support, and to avoid taking to heart negative responses that may confuse.

We at Rolands are honored to accompany those on the "Mourning to Joy" journey.  Please permit us to introduce you to our Local Grief Support.