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Please call  to join our local grief support group.  We would love to have you.

Grief Support Testimonials

Comments from Grief Support Participant, Tami Trewet

Mitch Trewet family picture

"Taking the leap to go to a support group was not an easy decision, but I knew that I needed something to help me on the journey of grief."

"I felt safe and comfortable from the very first meeting. I found comfort being with others who knew what I was going through."

"Great healing occurs when we reach out to others who are hurting. Every person in my group helped me in some way or another. I'm sure some of them didn't know how much they were helping me and others."

"The GriefShare  curriculum is based on the Scriptures, and from the beginning it was like God was talking directly to my need. There were sessions that deallt with anger, confusion, and shaken faith. Those were all things that I was feeling and I was able to share my experience and others did the same. Sometimes it just helps to talk about our feelings with others who felt the same way."

"I learned that it's OK to ask God, 'Why?' I also learned, however, that I may not ever know why. Healing means that I can move on from this place without all the answers knowing that the One who has all of the answers has a plan for my hopeful future."

I would recommend GriefShare to anyone who has experienced the death of someone close. I have discovered that the burden of grief is made bearable when I listen to others who have known loss. I came away with an assurance that I can be joyful in my circumstances and that I am not alone on this road of recovery."

A Note From Ann Nelsen of Elk Horn, Iowa.

Ann Nelson grief support testimonial 

"I have benefited from this class in many ways, many many ways-too many to respond to all. I have learned much from the text and each of the ten touchstones (covered in the text). I not only am aware of them but can actually see my application of them. They have helped me to be more understanding and accepting of others who don't get it!

T his group and Dick, Amy & Warren have given me a true sense of belonging: belonging to a group in which we all, unfortunately, have common ground, a major loss of a loved one/ones. Without judgment or criticism I have been given an outlet for sharing my sadness, regret, anger, and hope. I belong to a loving, caring group that needs me as much as I need them. You've all helped me to find purpose and meaning in life. Thank you, Ann"

"The community of Atlantic is extremely fortunate to have such a caring, generous and innovative staff at Rolands. They sponsor a grief class, facilitated by a professional who brings not only his own education and life experience to the process but also his caring and compassion to those in desperate need.

Jordan Nelson grief testimonial


I can attest to the beneficial impact it has had on me since the loss of my 21 year old daughter in 2002. Roland's Grief Support provides a grief text and journal, which are ours to keep. The sessions were totally unintimidating and we were encouraged to participate at whatever level with which we were comfortable. There are no wrong answers and no wrong ways of expressing our feelings. Encouragement, praise, and compassion were bountiful.

I know how helpful this class has been for me and would encourage anyone who is suffering from a loss to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, outstanding author, educator, and grief counselor has wisely stated, "We can learn to mourn well, live well, and love well!"

Quotes About Death and Grief

 Death is the one experience in life that is shared by everybody.

"In acceptance lies peace."  Amy Carmichael

Life is a process! Loss puts a sudden halt to business as usual.

Never, never forget we are not alone in our grief!

Mourning is work, hard work. There is no healthy way around grief. We must go through it to reach reconciliation with the death of a loved one, not alone but with others who love us.

"Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the presence of God" J. Oswald Chambers

Grief without faith isolates us; grief mixed with faith brings God into the wilderness with those who grieve. Faith helps us to have hope and peace in the confidence that God is with us and will help us endure.

"But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:20-21

If you are struggling with grief, a Grief Support Group may help you in the process of mourning. Sharing the mixture of emotions with others who have experienced the loss of loved ones can be comforting and beneficial to you in your life journey following the death of someone special.

Individual grief counseling can provide further help in realizing hope and meaning in life once again following your loss. Rolands provides group support and individual counseling at no charge.

Contact Rolands   at (712) 243-5492.