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Funeral Home Role

What does Roland Funeral Service do when a death occurs?

While there are a large number of details at the time of a death, Roland Funeral Service is dedicated to assisting you through each step.  Because serving your family is our highest priority, you can rest assured that all details will be addressed in a timely and professional manner.

These services and details include:

    green bullet Transfer to the funeral home from the place of death.
    green bullet Coordinating vital statistics and obituary information with family.
    green bullet Obtaining death certificate from doctor or medical examiner, completing vital statistics information and        filing with local registrar.
    green bullet Obtaining other legal authorizations for final disposition.
    green bullet Obtaining certified copies of death certificate.
    green bullet Contacting local and out of town newspapers and coordinating obituary and services information.
    green bullet Scheduling of funeral or memorial, visitation, committal service and perhaps a reception.

    green bullet Obtaining professionally licensed personnel to conduct services and visitations.
    green bullet Coordinating plans with clergy, church or synagogue.
    green bullet Coordinating plans with military colorguard and cemetery.
    green bullet Notifying Social Security, applying for Veteran's benefits.
    green bullet Assistance with life insurance claims.
    green bullet Ample staff insures expeditious response time, professionally licensed funeral directors available 24        hours a day 365 days a year.
    green bullet Coordinate details when the death occurs away from home.

Beginning with first notification, our objective is to carry out all details to your satisfaction.

For a more complete list of details, click here.

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